What is the benefit of getting your digital images?
Getting your images on a USB with a print release allows you to print what you want, whenever you want it. Want it on a mug? Want in on a blanket, a shirt, a canvas, a piece off metal? You name it you can create it and order it. You have endless creative freedom.

Why are digital images priced the way they are?
Giving someone a digital image, would almost be similar to handing over a negative in the days of film. As mentioned before even though they are still copyrighted to me. I am giving you a file in which you are able to creative an endless amount of prints and other items of your choice and sharing. 

Where can I print my digitals?
You can print them wherever you like. I will give you a recommendation with your purchase. That being said. PRINTER BEWARE. Not all printers are created equal. The pro lab that I use is calibrated for my images, for the best color and saturation so that it looks like the final product that is seen on my screen. I have seen images printed at other regular labs that arrive with very subpar results. Just be aware.

Can I purchase prints and digitals?
Of course! Both are available. Feel free to build your own package. Id be happy to help.

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