Time flies when you are having fun.

I cannot believe this little girl is 6 months old! My how time flies. We had such a good time playing and joking and tickling. I love getting to know people better and talking to them about their family and their hopes and dreams.

Photographing your moments, your family milestones is making my very own dreams come true. I now have a small home studio and this was my first studio session with this new set up. There is more on the horizon and I am SO excited to take you all on this journey with me. Now when the weather is too cold for those beautiful babies, we can just bring it indoors. Yay for all year round! 


And baby makes three!

Sometimes the math doesn't alway quite add up. Adding a new addition to your family is so special that it even defies logic. I'm no mathematician, but I am pretty sure that having your first child is the only time in life where 1+1=3. 

This couple is fun, adorable, spunky and even though Mama bear was a unsure at the beginning of the session, her beauty continued to shine brightly the whole session. She was even willing to get into the water on an only semi-warm day. You can tell by the way they look into each others eyes, their hearts have found the place they call home. <3 

The weather was so touch and go on the day of the session that I was afraid we would have to reschedule. There were showers in the morning, but the weather held out for us and we were able to really enjoy the surroundings and celebrate the coming of this new life! Congratulations to this beautiful couple. I'm looking forward to meeting this little person!


Family memories.

Before the kids came along, my husband and I did not take very many photos together.  Now, I regret that. There aren't very many photos of us to look back on and even now, a lot of the photos are of the kids or the kids with one parent... where am I going with this?

The importance of family photos. 

I've made a vow that once a year we will take family photos? Why is it so important? Memories, preserving the moment, being able to look back and say "I remember when".  I want my girls to have those old photos when I'm gone (not trying to be morbid here). Those photos of mom who is usually behind the camera hugging them tight. The photos where the love that reigns supreme is seen behind the smiles. Even if you don't have children, it's wonderful to have the years of change documented, even if its with a selfie stick or a tripod and a remote, or you hand your camera to a bystander and ask them to take the shot for you. Remember to take a moment to document where you are in this season of your life. Time passes by just as the seasons, too quickly and ever-changing.

KMJ is two!

I know everyone is familiar with the term "terrible twos", but honestly I love two-year olds. They are learning about themselves, the world and how it works. That can be tough! My favorite things about two year olds are the wonder in their eyes and the spunk in their souls. So here is to TWO!

This photo session was done on an unseasonably warm day in January ( the way I prefer it hahaha!). I enjoyed this session so much and have had the privilege of photographing this spunky girl from baby bump until now! Did you know that I offer a special Baby bundle package that can follow your baby's growth from bump to 1 year? Here are some beautiful photos from our warm January session!