30 years, they make it look so good!

It was a freezing cold day outside, but they were ready to think warm thoughts and capture their 30 year legacy. 30 years, that is pretty impressive. We were all a little frozen when were were done, but the results were so worth it

They are full of love and great advice. They are caring and know how to have a good time. They are excellent parents and the best grandparents. They will tell you marriage has its ups and downs, they will tell you that life isn't always easy, but they will also tell you it is better together. This very special couple are my in-laws aka my second parents. I was so honored to do this for them and to provide them with some beautiful canvases (more pictures of those to come) that were featured on a beautiful display at their anniversary party. 

Here are a few photos from they beautiful session on a chilly March day. 

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Sibling session with Henry and Lilah

A beautiful sibling session with Henry and Lilah. Lilah has reached her sitting milestone and little Henry is just such a big boy! He and I had some awesome conversation, had snack time and lots of laughter. He's got a great sense of humor and Oh how I love these two! We had a blast and I had their beautiful mother get in on this session as well. We as mom's spend so much time worrying about our precious babies we can forget to exist in photos. Get in those photos mom! Selfies, professional, candids, whatever it is be present! Enjoy the photos!!

Ps. This is in my home studio, its great for newborn sessions, and milestone sessions when the weather is less than ideal for little ones. This option is always available :-). 

The pictures below were unplanned and unscripted. We were finished our photoshoot and just playing together on the carpet. Some of life best moments, the "outtakes" or bloopers are so beautiful.

The pictures below were unplanned and unscripted. We were finished our photoshoot and just playing together on the carpet. Some of life best moments, the "outtakes" or bloopers are so beautiful.

When he told me he doesn't like wooden chairs since they make his butt hurt...hahaha i love kids! Which resulted in the shot below.

When he told me he doesn't like wooden chairs since they make his butt hurt...hahaha i love kids! Which resulted in the shot below.

Superhero big brother with lollipop to the rescue!!!

Superhero big brother with lollipop to the rescue!!!

Gluten free, made easier for me and my family. Our top 7.

I got are few questions on my IG page about gluten free recipies. So here is a little background: (The condensed version) We became gluten free about two years ago. Aubrey had eczema really bad and I was having some strange health issues. With the help of a health care professional we were able to determine that we have gluten allergies (The youngest included). So for us being gluten free isn't trendy. It's pretty much essential to health and well being. We deviate every once in awhile and usually wind up not feeling well, so avoidance is key. There are a few things that are essential to the world going 'round in my home. I'll share a few with you. Please remember if you have allergies or a gluten related disease to always consult with a physician of some sort (and of course if you have celiac's or think you have celiac's please consult with a physician and make sure these things are safe for you to consume). My findings are just somethings that have worked for me and my and my family. Without further delay here are a few gluten free must haves for my home.

7.  Gluten free pizza! I have had success with Pat's pizzeria (if you are local, I know one location near me has it. A separate oven and all.) Wegman's near us now carries their own gluten free pizza and it is delicious. I could make my own dough and all that jazz, but as a working mom of two that only happens once in a blue moon. So when we have pizza, this is how we get it!

6. Cheerios! With having kids cheerios are muy importante! Now cheerios are gluten free in more than one flavor! There is even a way to make a no bake gluten free cheerio crust. That I make a tasty no bake pie with (I can share at another time). Recipe for the crust is found here

5. GF toaster waffles. We use Van's and the Wegman's brand. They come in handy for breakfast. For snacks and even for breakfast sandwiches. (We also use Ezekiel bread, I know it is not gluten free but a sprouted grain. We are on the spectrum of gluten issues and are all unbothered by this so we use it.)

4. Snyder's gluten free pretzels are great for everyone! One of the better gluten free pretzels in my opinion. They even have honey mustard and hot wing!

3. Gluten free Bisquick. I like it for pancakes and cobbler. Yes blueberry cobbler to be specific. Deeeelicous!. 

2. BROWNIES. Who doesn't like brownies? I didn't for the longest time. Before the kids, i didn't really like chocolate much. Now chocolate is essential to life. Ive tried several brownie mixes and my favorite currently is Betty Crockers gluten free brownie mix. Its chocolately, and delicious

1. My number one ABSOLUTE fave is this cup for cup gluten free flour. Better batter! It is not gritty, it is easy to use. No conversions needed. You can substitute it in any recipe! This has made gluten free baking and cooking so much easier. I buy it on Amazon here.

So there you have it. These are just a few things that have made the gluten free life more tolerable. I jokingly say we joined the #glutenfreemafia. It's made a world of difference for my family. I hope this helps your family if you have gluten allergies/intolerance.


Time flies when you are having fun.

I cannot believe this little girl is 6 months old! My how time flies. We had such a good time playing and joking and tickling. I love getting to know people better and talking to them about their family and their hopes and dreams.

Photographing your moments, your family milestones is making my very own dreams come true. I now have a small home studio and this was my first studio session with this new set up. There is more on the horizon and I am SO excited to take you all on this journey with me. Now when the weather is too cold for those beautiful babies, we can just bring it indoors. Yay for all year round! 


Life lesson I’ve learned from my toddler

Almost 3 years ago, I gave birth to my second child. Before she arrived, I already had the feeling she was going to be “something else”. Our oldest daughter was (and still is) quite the little lady. In my mind, I was prepared. When she turned two, I could fully confirm…I was not. Why would I say that? Z is like a tornado that happens after the hurricane that came after the tsunami that resulted from the earthquake. I have found her four shelves up the pantry trying to get “marshmeddows”, washing her cozy coupe in the kitchen (with a play mop, and real water), cleaning a toilet, and unlocking the deadbolt to let herself out of the front door and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We have to keep an eye on that kid. I love her spunky, and hilarious ways. Just like her big sister she is beautifully unique.  Z has taught me so much, I learned a lot from my first child as well. After all A was my first bundle of sweetness, but Z is another ball game all together. So here’s the list.

Be tenacious- She is relentless; she never gives up. If she can’t climb it/reach she finds something, anything to help her.  If she can’t get over it, she will get around it or go through it. You are under four feet tall, but want the lollipops in the cabinet on the second shelf from the top? Push a stool, climb the counter and get climbing! Her pediatrician described her as “very resourceful”. I think that might be the nice way of say pint sized criminal, but regardless, I am applying this to my life. Just because you or someone else thinks that you can’t doesn’t mean you can’t. Get out of your own way! Get moving and make things happen!

Be patient- I guess this one kind of speaks to the obvious. A strong willed child requires a lot of time, a lot of explaining and a lot of thinking. She is a master of evasive maneuvers and taking advantage of any situation. I’m a work in progress but I totally understand how hard it can be to maintain being patient, but it goes such a long way! It feels so much better than rushing or letting your frustrations get the best of you. I’m applying this to building my business/my brand. Good things take time, growth requires patience.

Be Confident - There is nothing wrong with telling yourself you are doing a good job. Z was determined to jump from the ottoman to the sofa, which were further apart than usual (I had just finished about 3 hours of doing A’s mini twists in her hair) She’s telling herself “I will do this! I can do this jump!” When she gets upset from us telling her she can’t do something she on occasion creates a song about it… -_-. That’s another story. The point is, sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader and greet the day with confidence. “Today I will… Today I can…”

Be yourself- Z is unapologetically herself. She is never afraid to tell you want she likes and how she likes it, and what she doesn’t like. She’s worn snow boots in the summer, they matched he outfit and she wanted to, a tutu for 3 days straight. It wasn’t going to hurt her or anyone else so I said why not?! Be yourself!

You can learn a lot from your little ones! Have a magnificent monday!



Family memories.

Before the kids came along, my husband and I did not take very many photos together.  Now, I regret that. There aren't very many photos of us to look back on and even now, a lot of the photos are of the kids or the kids with one parent... where am I going with this?

The importance of family photos. 

I've made a vow that once a year we will take family photos? Why is it so important? Memories, preserving the moment, being able to look back and say "I remember when".  I want my girls to have those old photos when I'm gone (not trying to be morbid here). Those photos of mom who is usually behind the camera hugging them tight. The photos where the love that reigns supreme is seen behind the smiles. Even if you don't have children, it's wonderful to have the years of change documented, even if its with a selfie stick or a tripod and a remote, or you hand your camera to a bystander and ask them to take the shot for you. Remember to take a moment to document where you are in this season of your life. Time passes by just as the seasons, too quickly and ever-changing.