Gluten free, made easier for me and my family. Our top 7.

I got are few questions on my IG page about gluten free recipies. So here is a little background: (The condensed version) We became gluten free about two years ago. Aubrey had eczema really bad and I was having some strange health issues. With the help of a health care professional we were able to determine that we have gluten allergies (The youngest included). So for us being gluten free isn't trendy. It's pretty much essential to health and well being. We deviate every once in awhile and usually wind up not feeling well, so avoidance is key. There are a few things that are essential to the world going 'round in my home. I'll share a few with you. Please remember if you have allergies or a gluten related disease to always consult with a physician of some sort (and of course if you have celiac's or think you have celiac's please consult with a physician and make sure these things are safe for you to consume). My findings are just somethings that have worked for me and my and my family. Without further delay here are a few gluten free must haves for my home.

7.  Gluten free pizza! I have had success with Pat's pizzeria (if you are local, I know one location near me has it. A separate oven and all.) Wegman's near us now carries their own gluten free pizza and it is delicious. I could make my own dough and all that jazz, but as a working mom of two that only happens once in a blue moon. So when we have pizza, this is how we get it!

6. Cheerios! With having kids cheerios are muy importante! Now cheerios are gluten free in more than one flavor! There is even a way to make a no bake gluten free cheerio crust. That I make a tasty no bake pie with (I can share at another time). Recipe for the crust is found here

5. GF toaster waffles. We use Van's and the Wegman's brand. They come in handy for breakfast. For snacks and even for breakfast sandwiches. (We also use Ezekiel bread, I know it is not gluten free but a sprouted grain. We are on the spectrum of gluten issues and are all unbothered by this so we use it.)

4. Snyder's gluten free pretzels are great for everyone! One of the better gluten free pretzels in my opinion. They even have honey mustard and hot wing!

3. Gluten free Bisquick. I like it for pancakes and cobbler. Yes blueberry cobbler to be specific. Deeeelicous!. 

2. BROWNIES. Who doesn't like brownies? I didn't for the longest time. Before the kids, i didn't really like chocolate much. Now chocolate is essential to life. Ive tried several brownie mixes and my favorite currently is Betty Crockers gluten free brownie mix. Its chocolately, and delicious

1. My number one ABSOLUTE fave is this cup for cup gluten free flour. Better batter! It is not gritty, it is easy to use. No conversions needed. You can substitute it in any recipe! This has made gluten free baking and cooking so much easier. I buy it on Amazon here.

So there you have it. These are just a few things that have made the gluten free life more tolerable. I jokingly say we joined the #glutenfreemafia. It's made a world of difference for my family. I hope this helps your family if you have gluten allergies/intolerance.