A little on me, a little pep talk.

This December, I turn 29. Yes, for awhile that number scared me. I can't say that I like it on paper. However, I look forward to it. I had a hard time embracing myself. Committing to myself. This past year has been full of so many changes, that have allowed me to rise to occasions, to conquer some fears, do things I didn't think that my anxiety would allow me to do.

 I want to say to you today, yes you. EMBRACE yourself, unapologetically be yourself. If you can, try something new. Allowing myself to push past the barriers of "I can't" within myself, brought me to traveling to California to visit beloved friends, driving to North Carolina to visit sweet family (I drove the whole way down, which i would normally never ever agree to, but I did and I wanted to). Letting my hair grow into a giant curly afro which I have come to LOVE because it is apart of me. I'm still socially awkward, anxiety ridden, nerdy, quirky person. Those are things that probably will never change and I'm okay with that.


I think it's totally human that when we face changes or find ourselves at a crossroad we begin to undergo what I like to refer to as "reconstruction". We build, we change, we adapt to survive. One thing that really helps is the art of practicing gratitude. When you wake in the morning recite a few things you are grateful for. Address your mindset in the morning. I have been leaving the kids notes on the days I leave early. My favorite right now is "It's a great day for a great day." If you already put it in your mind that it is going to be a great day, your brain adjusts it's thought process when other things come.

So good morning friends! It's a great day for a great day!